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We have implemented 3 different technologies to try and determine your approximate location to give you the best experience we can with listings close to where you are. As an example, if you’re in Seattle, you probably don’t care about things for sale in Miami.

You can always set your location manually as well.

Right now, we only cover the United States, but hope to expand to other areas as we continue to grow. Thank you for choosing Clazz!

Welcome to! While we're still new to the classified ads world, the founder of this site has over 20 years of technology experience. Our goal is to create the best experience possible when trying to buy or sell goods or services online.

Aren't there already other classified ads sites out there?
Yes. There are a lot of them out there. But they all have a variety of problems. We won't go into the various issues here, but let's just say we know people like free. And that's our goal, is to give everyone a free space where they can advertise goods and services for sale. Now, that's not to say that we may not offer premium listings at some point in the future, where you can pay for more images, or priority display in the results. But everyone should at least be able to post a free ad.

So why should I use clazz?
The better question is, why shouldn't you? We could spend hours giving you reasons. From not selling your information to third parties to not donating to political candidates, we care about our users.

Unlike a lot of large and popular sites that you may visit, the companies themselves and their founders donate huge sums of money to the campaigns of politicians who you may not agree with. We think those dollars would be better spent going to organizations that support our veterans or to causes that are working to cure cancer and other diseases.

We believe that charity starts at home. So when we give, it won't be to a person or organization that potentially half of our users may dislike or have an unfavorable opinion of.

How do I contact you?
Feel free to send us a message anytime to support (at) We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions. And we'll read your complaints anyways. ;-)